Hi there!

Many people have asked me: “Why did you become a pastor?”  The answer lies in my encounter with Jesus at age 16.  My life was forever changed when Jesus revealed his love to me.  As my friend shared the truth of God’s Word with me in his living room, I realized for the first time that God created me for a real and intimate friendship with Himself. I discovered that Jesus died on the cross for me because he wanted to, not because he had to.  What has always been true became true for me.  I responded to God that night, saying, “If you love me that much, you are worth living for.”  From that moment until now, I have given my whole life to knowing God deeply, becoming like Jesus completely, and partnering with Him to bless others.   He asked me to “feed His sheep” many years ago and I said “yes.” I never feel adequate, the sacrifice has been great, but it is worth it. Jesus is worth it!

I love life because of what God has done in me and through me. He has transformed me, blessed me, and allowed me to experience the joy of serving others. I love being a husband, father, and pastor.  I am passionate about helping others follow Jesus and fulfill their purpose through discipleship, the teaching of God’s word, the power of the Spirit, and leadership development.   It is so fun to witness God heal, free, transform, and put confidence in people for their calling.

I am currently serving as the Lead Pastor of Expansion Church in Saint Louis, MO (ya know – the city with the big metal Arch on the banks of the Mississippi River in the heart of the USA?). We have two campuses–one in the city and one in the county.

I had served the Lord in many roles over the years: from volunteering as outreach coordinator to being a part-time youth pastor. I had the privilege of pastoring NewCommunity Church in Glendora, CA for 7 years while teaching as an adjunct professor at Life Pacific University.  During that time my wife, Michele, and I had three wonderful children. We loved our life in SoCal. Then in 2014 the Lord spoke to me in a dream to plant churches in Saint Louis. God revealed to me His unfailing love and purpose for Saint Louis and showed me the small part I am to contribute to the huge move of God in this region.  After some wrestling, my wife and I surrendered and moved our family from California to Missouri. We planted a church in the city of Saint Louis as a campus of The Rock Network (Anaheim Foursquare Church) with an amazing team we affectionally call “Gideon’s Army”. The Lord used us to impact many people and sustained us every step of the way.

Then during COVID, a retiring pastor in the county asked if we would pastor their church. Again, after much prayer, we said “yes” to leading a team of people to pastor both the city and the county. So now we are one church in two locations with the assignment to multiply disciples and churches to impact Saint Louis. The vision God showed me is becoming reality. It has been a wild ride full of transition and fruitfulness!  We are committed to personal discipleship, multiplying disciple-makers, and serving neighborhoods and schools.

We recently, by the leading of the Lord, launched a ministry training center and a non-profit ministry to serve Saint Louis schools called Restored For More (“R4M” for short). This has been another part of the vision coming to pass. Whatever is next, my answer to Jesus is “yes!”. I continue to give my life to one thing: knowing Him and doing His will.  In every season, in every assignment, all I want is Jesus!

This website is simply one way Jesus asked me to “freely give what I have received” from Him (Matthew 10:28). When we live in and from the secret place of God’s presence, we receive revelation from the Lord that changes us. With God there is always an abundance. He gives what we need–daily bread. And He gives us more for what others need. These devotionals and messages are an overflow of the secret place and I pray that you are blessed.


Pastor David Turner