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Many people have asked me: “Why did you become a pastor?”  The answer lies in my encounter with Jesus at age 16.  My life was forever changed when, through a friend of mine, Jesus revealed his love to me.  As my friend shared the truth of God’s Word with me, I realized for the first time that God created me and loves me; that Jesus died on the cross because he wanted to, not because he had to; that through Jesus’ sacrifice God has made me right with himself–forgiven, adopted as his son, and so much more.  What has always been true became true for me.  I responded to God, saying, “If you love me that much, you are worth living for.”  From that moment until now, I have given my whole life to seeking God–to knowing him deeply, becoming like him completely, and partnering with him to bless others.  And it has been worth it!  He has transformed me, blessed me, and allowed me to experience the joy of blessing others.

I love life!  I love being a pastor, teaching God’s Word, and empowering others.  I am passionate about seeing others rise into their destiny, becoming the people God created them to be.   Its so fun to witness God heal, free, transform, and release people into their purpose.   That is why this website is dedicated to communicating the truths about God from the Bible.  I am convinced that the Bible is God’s Word–his self-disclosure, message, authorized biography, and honest truth about himself.  And more, I am convinced, his Word has the power to transform us if we will receive it and believe it.

I have served the Lord in many roles over the years.  I have had the privileged of pastoring NewCommunity Church in Glendora for 7 years (before that I served as a volunteer and staff member at the same church).  And now (as of December 2014) I have been sent out to plant churches in St. Louis, MO (I’ll tell that story later).  I’ve also taught at Life Pacific College since 2007 (and a little at Azusa Pacific University before that).  I have been given an amazing partner, friend and wife in Michele and we get to care for and disciple three precious children.  They bring so much joy to our lives.

I hope this website will infuse you with hope and fill you with courage.  I pray you encounter the love of Jesus and discover how worth our life he is.  He told us that if we lose our life for his sake and the gospel’s we will find our life in him.  As you follow him, I am sure he will transform, heal, free, and empower you to become all you were created to be.

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If you have questions, please let me know.

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