Renew Me

Did you know your heart thinks?  Did you know faith reasons?  Our perspective can either limit or release our potential in Christ.  His word is true, His promises sure, His power available but our mind needs to be renewed in order to realize His will in our lives.  In the next message in “The Heart of the Matter” series, let God get to the heart of the matter in your life, transforming, healing, freeing you from the inside out by renewing your mind. Let God teach you to reason in faith and experience His supernatural power.



Influence Me

The Lord is getting to the heart of the matter in our lives, to free, heal, and transform us from the inside out.  Proverbs 4:23 reveals that our heart is the source of our life.  The condition of our heart determines the outcome of our life.  What and who we allow to influence our hearts will shape our life.  Learning to cultivate and guard the truths of God’s word in our hearts is essential if we want to see the fruit of God’s word in our lives.  We must give attention and time to our hearts.  Listen and receive wisdom from the Lord; let Him get to the heart of the matter in your life.


Lead Me

The atmosphere of your heart will become the atmosphere of your home.  In order to experience the fruit of the Spirit in our relationships, our home, our workplace, our community we need the Lord to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our hearts.  Discover how to partner with the Gardner of your heart to see your life transformed.




Search Me

Jesus cuts to the heart of the matter and He does it with a very simple, three letter word: “WHY“.

Jesus is not only the Savior of our heart; He is also the Lord of our heart and He wants to lead us to wholeness, freedom, and life.  The Lord’s discipleship method often involves piercing questions that cut to the heart of the matter in our lives for our good.

In this message, part 2 in “The Heart of The Matter” series, you will learn how to let the Lord Search you and find out why it is so vital to our growth.

The Lord corrects those He loves.  So if we resist His correction, we are truly resisting His love.  Let’s not reject God’s love; let’s open our heart to His love.

I pray this blesses you.  Enjoy!

A Life Changing Prayer Life Part 2

Change your prayer life and it will change your life!  Anointed ministry and fruitful living flow from the Secret Place, from a life abiding and connected to Jesus.

In this message, we continue to allow Jesus to teach us to pray, because if we pray like Jesus prays, we will live like Jesus lives, and see the results that He sees.


From Debt To Surplus Part 5

Here is the final message in this series full of powerful and practical principles from the word of God that will help you move from debt to surplus.  God wants His people living in abundance and He shows us how throughout His word. I pray you align your faith and life with God’s promises and commands and receive all God has for you.

Remember that anything God instructs us to do He also empowers us to do. He is working in you both to will and to do–filling you with vision, motivation, wisdom, courage, and ability.

Enjoy the message!

Debt To Surplus Part 3

If God has done it for others, He can do it for YOU!  If He has done it before, He can do it again. Listen to this encouraging message full of testimonies of how God brings people from debt to surplus and how He will do it for you too.


From Debt to Surplus Part 2

God wants His people to live in abundance because He is a good God and loves us.  He wants to be our Shepherd that leads us out of lack and into His blessings.  He wants to be our Source.

In this message, you will understand the key to unlocking abundance.  It does not start with our own strength or wisdom, but with something we often overlook–something that can either shut down or unlock the blessing of God.


From Debt To Surplus Part 1

God wants you to overflow–not just “make it” or survive.  Find out WHY and HOW God wants you to overflow financially and in every area of your life.  You will be encouraged by this message and God’s heart towards you.


Breaking The Yoke of Debt Part 6

In this series of messages, God has been preparing our heart to receive His promised blessings.  The breakthrough God is working in us is for our financial life as well as every  other area of our lives.  In order to prepare us, God has been breaking “yokes” in our hearts: greed, lust, complacency, and unbelief.

In this message, God is calling us to SING OUR WAY TO VICTORY!  I believe the Lord is calling us to rise up and sing, rejoice, shout in faith before we see the breakthrough.  The victory always begins on the inside.  Faith sees and sings before the answer comes, before the breakthrough happens.

Enjoy and sing your way to victory!