The Gift Of Hope

This Christmas, Jesus wants to give you a present: the gift of His presence.  Jesus is a giver!  And on His birthday, He wants to refresh you, fill you, heal you, restore you.  In this first message in our series, “Christmas Presence”, we will receive the gift of Hope in Christ.

This hope is not an idea, a wish, or a maybe, but a sure, steadfast confidence that will strengthen you and reinvigorate your motivation and energy.  Human optimism will fail, fleshly strength will run out, this world will disappoint, but you can have hope because of His promise.  Listen and receive the gift of hope.


Place On Top – Part 2

The Lord has a precious word for you; a word that will encourage you.  He wants to lift you up.  And the place God wants to take you to, you can’t get there on your own.  You need the Lord to lift you up.  Be encouraged as the Lord invites you into a deeper walk with Him.


A Place On Top

In this series, we have been learning to walk with Jesus: to walk in His love for us and for others; to both receive and to give.   We have been experiencing Jesus’ ministry, compassion, and forgiveness.

In this message, Jesus calls us to walk with Him.  This message contains two powerful words from God for this season; I believe these words will strengthen and encourage you. Let the Lord speak to you as you listen.


Moved By Compassion

Jesus was led by the Spirit, but He was also moved with compassion.  Everything He did was in the power of the Spirit and done by faith; and everything He did was motivated, compelled, moved by a deep compassion for people.

As you listen to this message, you will discover how much God loves you and how He is moved with compassion towards you.  And the example of Jesus will impact you to walk as He walked and be moved with compassion towards people.



Measure of a Disciple

The measure of a disciple is the measure of love; the measure of Christlikeness; the measure of trustworthiness; the measure of fruitfulness.  Everything Jesus did in His earthly ministry was done in faith by the power of the Spirit and always to serve people in love. The measure of a disciple is not faith, but love.

In this series we are learning to walk in love–both to receive Jesus’ love for us and to give it away to others.  Hear how Jesus loves and walk in that love.



The Rock St. Louis is One Year Old!


The Rock St. Louis is one year old! It is hard to imagine that we are celebrating our one-year anniversary this Sunday.  In this short period of time God has drawn people to Himself and formed a diverse community full of faith, hope, and love. He has caused us to grow little by little all year.  We have invited thousands of people, walked hundreds of streets, blessed scores of people.  And this is just the beginning!

We have witness God save, heal, and supernaturally promote His people.  We have been a bridge for people far from God and disconnected from church to find their way back home.  It is such a privilege to shepherd God’s precious, beloved people. It is such an honor and a joy to be in the Lord’s ministry.  And this is just the beginning!

We are being light in darkness, carrying the Cure to broken people, offering hope to the lost, revealing Jesus to our city; we have authority to declare life and blessing; we have the message that will set people free, restore their destiny, and release their calling. We are full of love for St. Louis—and this is just the beginning!

The church Jesus is building is the hope of the world!  What the world needs, what the world craves, is found in Christ, the Desire of Nations.

I am so grateful to all of you who have prayed, given, supported, encouraged, or served.   God knows what you have sown into this ministry and He will reward. God has provided everything we have needed. We have testimonies of God’s gracious intervention for our gathering place, funds for outreach, our ministry team, and so much more.  God’s favor has been upon us; we have lacked no good thing.  He has guided us every step.  He is our “Ebenezer” (check out 1 Samuel 7).  And this is just the beginning!

I want to invite you to celebrate our one year anniversary with us THIS Sunday, October 15 at 10am, 2017 Chouteau Ave. We are going to celebrate what God has done and what He will do. This Sunday is going to be full of vision and joy! We are also going to celebrate with dessert and a special gift for everyone. We have invited a powerful guest, Pastor Carl, to minister the word to us.  If you cannot be with us physically, celebrate with us in spirit.  We appreciate your prayers, encouragement and every gift you give to this ministry.  If you want to give financially, click here.


With much love,

-Pastor David


Meaningful Relationships

We’ve been discovering that when the Holy Spirit moves He not only saves, heals, grows the church and such; He also heals relationships, unites, and deepens intimate connection with God and others. This is the power of fellowship.  It is not something the world comprehends, nor something religion can manufacture.  It is something only the Holy Spirit can produce in us, the body of Christ.

This intimate, deep, meaningful, satisfying connection with God and people is what we were made for, what we all long for. As you listen to this message, let the Lord show you how He can produce this depth of unity in us–in our church, family, friendships and such.