Moved By Compassion

Jesus was led by the Spirit, but He was also moved with compassion.  Everything He did was in the power of the Spirit and done by faith; and everything He did was motivated, compelled, moved by a deep compassion for people.

As you listen to this message, you will discover how much God loves you and how He is moved with compassion towards you.  And the example of Jesus will impact you to walk as He walked and be moved with compassion towards people.



Perfecting Faith Audio Message Series

Almost everyone who has read the Bible quickly observes that FAITH is a central theme and an essential key to living in relationship with God.  We are often inspired and challenged by people of great faith but feel lacking in our own. I often hear people comment, “If all it takes to move mountains is to have a mustard seed of faith, then my faith must be really tiny!”  But is that what Jesus meant when He described faith as a mustard seed? Or was He inviting us to grow our faith!?

I wonder: Is it possible to personally grow our own faith?  Can we have great faith like the men and woman we read about in the Bible?

This practical, audio message series will help you embrace the process the bible calls “perfecting faith”.   Rather than hiding or condemning ourselves, we can come to Jesus and allow Him to teach us and perfect our faith.  You will discover it is possible to have great faith!

By the way, these were the last messages I shared at New Community before being sent out.

I hope you enjoy and pray you are blessed.

1. Unlimited Faith:

2. The Process:

3. Hearing and Hearing:

4. Mustard Seed:

5. Agree with God:

6. Add Patience:

7. Obedience: