Breaking the Yoke of Debt Part 3

Through the word of the Lord in this series, God is not only freeing His people from debt but also freeing His people from the yoke of debt.

I am hearing the Lord say that He will defeat what has defeated you.  When we live in the victory of Christ and walk in the Spirit, we can overcome.  God is giving you victory over that which has held back the blessing.  Breakthrough is happening in St. Louis and it can happen in you.

As you listen to this message, you will see how to break the yoke of debt in your life.


Resurrection Power


Jesus is resurrected and alive. In fact, He is THE resurrection and THE life!  Because He lives and lives inside those who believe, His power is available for us.  Because He is the resurrection and the life, there are no dead ends.  He conquered the grave and can conquer anything you face in your life. If you need hope, if you need a resurrection, if you need victory this message from John 11 will encourage your faith and set you up for breakthrough.

I hope you enjoy!

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